Alternative Healing & Yoga

Alternative Healing & Yoga

Mykael Goff is a holistic and alternative integrative healer who combines different modalities to custom treat individual cases including, but not limited to:

  • Energetic healing grounded in the elements of the earth like essential oil therapy, crystal therapy, sound therapy and color therapy.
  • Certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher trained in Los Angeles, New York and India. She has been studying and working with shamanic healers for the past several years and is beginning to bring in these powerful and ancient practices as well.


Crystals are containers and channels of energy. That is why they are used in clocks, radios and watches. Tuning into their frequencies empowers the body’s response to the physical treatments we offer. They have been used for thousands of years for healing and illumination of the body’s natural healing abilities.

Essential oils are the potent essence or spirit of the plant from which they come.

They provide assistance in an array of healing qualities.


The quality of the water we drink is important. Having a filter and infusing the water with the intention of purity and love is scientifically proven to affect the DNA structure of the water and therefore our own cellular structure.

In addition to drinking the element that makes up most of our physical bodies, specific recipes for baths using herbs, salts and crystals may be prescribed.


Always present and ready to be invoked at any time, this element, which is at the very core of the earth, also is within us. In eastern philosophy the fire element is associated with the third chakra, manipura, the solar plexus. The sun we rely on for life, what all life reaches towards, is connected to this energetic center in the body.

Techniques used to open and activate this center can strengthen the will and personal power. The third chakra is located behind the navel and effects the surrounding organs. By using fire to connect with this powerful element great healing can take place. The color of this chakra is yellow.


Using the breath combined with visualization, and in some cases essential oil infusions can help with the meditative state helpful in coming to a place of complete relaxation and surrender. One cannot heal without relaxation.

It is also recommended to connect with nature and the oxygen it produces for us. For the life it gives us. Every living thing has an electromagnetic field, and when ours harmonizes with that of the earth, powerful healing can occur.

Working with plants and even specific ones that speak to the particular ailment we are feeling may be recommended.

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